Wildlife cruises

Since 1995, and regularly since 2004, I have worked as a naturalist on expedition ships, amounting to 288 cruises by the spring of 2020. Over this time I have explored all seven continents, all the oceans of the World, and from the Arctic to Antarctica, and I have worked for a range of companies including Noble Caldedonia, G-adventures, and Adventure Canada.

An experienced ornithologist I often focus on seabirds and have seen over two-thirds of the World's seabirds. I can also focus on a wide range of other wildlife topics based on my naturalist skills, birds in general, whales & dolphins (I have seen 58+ species),  seals (23 species seen), reptiles & amphibians, fish, sharks, and invertebrates. Familiar with most of the World's biomes and I can also cover a broad range of topics from food webs to biogeography and the problems the Natural World faces. As a guide I've worked in various locations including the rainforest (one of the most challenging places to be a guide!).

I have a masters in Oceanography (specialing in Marine Biology) and considerable practical experience of exploring marine life, on, under, and around the margins of our seas, a fasination that started as a kid exploring coastal rock pools in Devon. I am also a diver, and have been on various marine expeditions in addition to working on expedition cruise ships. Based on my experience I was behind the original concept of SEALIFE - A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment.

Most crucial of all, I have the experience in the field with plenty of photos, facts, stories and anecdotes to enhance lectures and recaps. I like to deliver my presentations with enthusiasm and as well as putting across important conservation messages, I also like a bit humour, such as 'fun facts' about the Blue Whale.

Regions I have worked in include the following:

  • Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falklands).
  • Australia (cruises in the Kimberley region and along the east coast and Tasmania - also exploring other parts of Australia in my own time).
  • Arctic (Greenland, NW Passage, Svalbard and Kamchatka).
  • British Isles (all coastlines).
  • Caribbean and Central America.
  • Iceland, Faroes, and Norway.
  • Indian Ocean (coasts of Mozambique and Tanzania and islands odf Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seycelles).
  • Indo-Pacific (Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Solomons, Vanuatu).
  • New Zeland (exploring all coasts and also inland).
  • Pacific (Easter Island to Tahiti via the Marquesas).
  • South America (Pacific coastline and the Atlantic coast fron Recife south - also a resident naturalist in the Amazon in SE Peru).
  • Tropical Atlantic (Canaries and the Cape Verdes).
  • I have also worked on as the ship’s naturalist on the follolwing sailing expeditions: Sailing a yacht from the UK to South Africa and back on Enterprise Neptune in 1987-88; sailing from Hong Kong to Shanghai and back on a traditional junk in the South China Seas on The Marco Polo Voyage in 1990, a unique time to see China.
  • Leading some of the ultimate of whale watching tours for Discover the World.

And check out my specific lectures on exploring the rainforest realm, the frozen realm and the ocean realm.