I've seen 23 species of seal, including diving encounters with grey seals in the UK, curious Leopard Seals in Antarctica, and very friendly Walrus in the Arctic. I can give a talk with a general theme, or a regional theme, or a presentation on one species, such as the Walrus, a fasinating animal.


Find out about the seals of the world and the adaptations to the marine world. Find out about the double life of the Leopard Seal; the sex life of a bull elephant seal (all that belching and fighting); playful sea lions and fur seals; how deep seals can dive to; how Arctic seals avoid the Polar Bear; just how curious a Walrus can be and the fact that it has the longest and largest baculum (penis bone!) in the World;  and the legend of the Selkies! Also learn about the classification of seals and what is accurate, ’sea lion’ or ’sea wolf’, and why Grey Seals are so curious, and sea-lions so playful