Wildlife cruises

Since 1995, and regularly since 2004, I have worked as a naturalist on expedition ships, amounting to 288 cruises by the spring of 2020. Over this time I have explored all seven continents, all the oceans of the World, and from the Arctic to Antarctica, and I have worked for a range of companies including Noble Caldedonia, G-adventures, and Adventure Canada.

An experienced ornithologist I often focus on seabirds and have seen over two-thirds of the World's seabirds. I can also focus on a wide range of other wildlife topics based on my naturalist skills, birds in general, whales & dolphins (I have seen 58+ species),  seals (23 species seen), reptiles & amphibians, fish, sharks, and invertebrates. Familiar with most of the World's biomes and I can also cover a broad range of topics from food webs to biogeography and the problems the Natural World faces. As a guide I've worked in various locations including the rainforest (one of the most challenging places to be a guide!).

I have a masters in Oceanography (specialing in Marine Biology) and considerable practical experience of exploring marine life, on, under, and around the margins of our seas, a fasination that started as a kid exploring coastal rock pools in Devon. I am also a diver, and have been on various marine expeditions in addition to working on expedition cruise ships. Based on my experience I was behind the original concept of SEALIFE - A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment.

Most crucial of all, I have the experience in the field with plenty of photos, facts, stories and anecdotes to enhance lectures and recaps. I like to deliver my presentations with enthusiasm and as well as putting across important conservation messages, I also like a bit humour, such as 'fun facts' about the Blue Whale.

Regions I have worked in include the following:

  • Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falklands).
  • Australia (cruises in the Kimberley region and along the east coast and Tasmania - also exploring other parts of Australia in my own time).
  • Arctic (Greenland, NW Passage, Svalbard and Kamchatka).
  • British Isles (all coastlines).
  • Caribbean and Central America.
  • Iceland, Faroes, and Norway.
  • Indian Ocean (coasts of Mozambique and Tanzania and islands odf Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seycelles).
  • Indo-Pacific (Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Solomons, Vanuatu).
  • New Zeland (exploring all coasts and also inland).
  • Pacific (Easter Island to Tahiti via the Marquesas).
  • South America (Exploring the Pacific coastline, and the Atlantic coast fron Recife south) - and over a year spent as a resident naturalist in the Amazon in SE Peru - The Rainforest Realm.
  • Tropical Atlantic (Canaries and the Cape Verdes).
  • I have also worked on as the ship’s naturalist on the follolwing sailing expeditions: Sailing a yacht from the UK to South Africa and back on Enterprise Neptune in 1987-88; sailing from Hong Kong to Shanghai and back on a traditional junk in the South China Seas on The Marco Polo Voyage in 1990, a unique time to see China.
  • Leading some of the ultimate of whale watching tours for Discover the World.

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